Academic Policies and Regulations

Wilmington College reserves the right to modify the schedule of tuition and fees; cancel, reschedule, or amend any course or degree program; or amend any policy applicable to the graduate programs.

With regards to the M.S. in A.T. curriculum, the M.S. in A.T. program follows an orderly progression, and it is important for students to plan carefully so that the proper sequencing of courses can take place.  Academic advisement for all M.S. in A.T.  graduate students will be provided by the Athletic Training faculty.

With regards to the MS in OT Program, students are accepted into a cohort each January. All semesters are pre-requisite to the next semester. If a student fails a course, they are unable to continue with their cohort. If they wish to continue they must “sit out” for one year and petition the program to join the next cohort. They must then successfully repeat the course that they failed.  A second failure will result in dismissal from the program.