Grading System

Letter grades are the final basis for evaluation in all courses at Wilmington College. Most Graduate classes offered at the college follow the following system of grading and quality points. Some graduate programs need to adapt the system slightly to assure compliance with accreditation or program best practices. See program manuals for additional information.

A 4.00 quality points
B 3.00 quality points
C 2.00 quality points
F 0.00 quality points
I Incomplete grades are given when students are unable to complete coursework due to circumstances beyond their control such as illness, accidents, or other emergencies.  The course professor must designate the time span during which the student must complete the work, and the professor must designate the permanent grade to be given if the work is not made up.
W The grade of W is given to graduate students who withdraw from a course prior to the withdrawal deadline, normally by the end of the seventh week of the term in the fall and spring semesters and by the end of the first week of the term in the summer semester. A grade of W has no effect on a student’s cumulative GPA.
WF The grade of WF is given to students who withdraw or vanish from a course following the withdrawal deadline. A grade of WF will affect a student’s cumulative GPA.

*Please see individual program for more detailed grading information.