Information Technology

Information Technology strives to ensure a reliable network infrastructure, a dependable computing environment, essential help-desk services, and comprehensive information delivery.

Students have access to the Internet using a wireless connection from their laptops and other portable devices. Wireless adapters will be provided at no cost for students with desktop computers. Wireless connectivity is available in every building on campus, and outdoor connectivity is available on a large portion of the main campus. The department also operates multiple computer labs throughout the campus.

Access to college computer resources revolves around a College computer account. Registered students and employees have accounts automatically created for them, ready to use upon their arrival at Wilmington College. The account includes access to college resources as well as Internet resources. Each account comes with a home directory for convenient storage of personal files and email. In addition, student accounts are provided with 300 pages of printing free of charge per semester. Additional pages may be purchased; however, most students are able to accommodate their printing needs within the allocation.

Central administrative processing is handled with a database developed by Jenzabar, Inc. for academic and business-related information processing. Faculty and staff access the system to corporately maintain information associated with the academic progress of students and business accounting for the institution. Student access to personal academic and financial information is part of the WCportal and wc@home resources as well as online registration and online applications for prospective students.