Class Program
Credits 3

This course involves review of evidence-based services and critical application of the role of the occupational therapist in early intervention and school-based settings. Emphasis is placed on understanding the roles of all team members, including the student/child, parents, guardians, service providers, and teachers. Regulatory guidelines, IEPs, equipment, transitional living needs, and accessibility issues are explored. Professional leadership, advocacy, ethics, supervision and the profession’s ability to enhance educational outcomes are included. Relevant OT models of practice appropriate for the population are synthesized. Additional knowledge and skills required for rural practice are addressed. Coursework will focus on development of professional competencies in the assessment and intervention. Evidence-based occupational therapy assessment and care for children and youth is synthesized in this course. Students in good standing with all 3rd semester coursework to date will be assigned a Level I Fieldwork experience in a pediatric/school system setting, which serves to enrich the didactic coursework through directed observation and participation in selected aspects of the OT process. Emphasis will be placed on analyzing practice environments for application of OT practice within communities, schools, and practice settings for children and youth.